Natural Cottage Project:Village Technology in Paradise Workshop

IMG_20170905_120315956Join Uncle Mud and family over winter break for nine sun-filled days in the mountains of Jamaica. The village of Nine Mile (birthplace and final resting place of Bob Marley) is hosting us for this special workshop.


In a place where amazing food falls off the trees and there are so many reasons to be happy, the housing situation can be quite challenging. Everything is built using imported concrete and steel, which is very expensive. A sack of cement costs almost a man’s daily wage, so even a small room can take years to finish. There’s no going to Home Depot for materials or tools. You use what you’ve got. In September we went down for a look around, met some amazing people, found some good clay and stone, and together built a small cob hut from materials on the land.




When we return in December we will build more sustainable infrastructure with our adopted village in the form of an outdoor kitchen/gathering spot. Our list of projects for the workshop continues to evolve, but they all focus around effective building methods using low cost or free materials found locally in Nature or in the waste stream.

–Cob: Building with Sandy Clay and Straw.
–Round Pole: Harvesting and Using Small Trees instead of Store Bought Lumber
–Wood Fired Rocket Stove & Oven
–Catching and Storing Water
–Solar Showers
–Watering a Garden with Used Water
–Bucket Composting Toilet
–Charging Lights and Mobile Phones with Solar Power: Doing the Math

Our hosts will feed us vegetarian-friendly meals directly from the land, “bush cooking” style with fresh local fruits and vegetables. There are also small shops nearby for cold beverages, snacks and curries or barbecue.



Our daily activities will include hands on training, some shade-tree lectures, and time for hiking in the hills or visiting local reggae sites or just hanging out in a hammock.




Tuition includes shuttle to and from the airport, meals and camping, solar hot showers, classes, materials, and a day at a beautiful secluded beach. Upgraded accommodations are available nearby through and a local bed and breakfast. Please email or call (440) 941-5073 for more information.

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