Intro to Rocket Mass Heaters Workshop

IMG_20150208_122526035_HDRsFebruary 28 2015, 10:00am-4:00pm

Burton, Ohio

Come see Rocket Mass Heaters (RMH) in action. Warm your butt on a heated thermal mass bench as you learn the physics behind these low-cost high-efficiency woodstoves that you can build yourself with local clay and easily scrounged materials. We will discuss the requirements for safe, clean, efficient wood burning in houses, barns, greenhouses and even a school bus.

After a potluck lunch we will build a RMH core and tune it to burn cleanly. We will also play with a portable Rocket based on a Dragonheater core, a woodstove-based hybrid heater, and the monster 8″ RMH that heats our barn.

Participants will go home with reference materials, simple RMH plans and a better grasp of what makes them work. Rocket Heater books, parts, detailed plans & consultation available. RSVP 440-221-6609 or Guests coming a long way will have a couch or guest bed to crash on upon request. $65 per person or $90 per couple. Some partial scholarships available.

In the interest of getting an accurate head-count we are offering a discount for people who register and pay by February 21. Please use the Pay Now button below.


IMAG0815s RMH Jacob's Bus finals Rocket Portable 1 build 6s

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