Cottage Rocket Workshop: Build Your Own Rocket Mass Heater to Take Home

November 2-3, Burton OH w-c-IMG_20171216_170342558_TOP If you want to learn how to build a Rocket Mass Heater the best way is to come build one, and now you can take one home with you when you go. For the price of the workshop ($300) plus any parts you need (a parts and price list is provided to participants so you can scrounge) you can become a Rocket Scientist. You can register here, or scroll down to learn more.

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w-IMG_20180831_182357 This is Timothy. He came all the way from Florida to build his Cottage Rocket with us. 1645_1536113336294 He’s still building the Tiny House it’s going in, so right now it sits in his yard making pizza and warming his patio. 1647_1536113356119 Our exclusive Cottage Rocket design uses a removable cob or gravel mass so you can build it here where all the tools and fun people are, then load it in your car and take it home. w-IMG_20180720_165441449 This is Jeremy loading his Cottage Rocket into his truck to take it to his off-grid cabin in Montana where the barrel will be filled with cob or gravel for heat retention.  The Cottage Rocket uses a hotter, smaller mass than a typical Rocket Mass Heater so it is perfect for smaller buildings and floors that can’t handle a three ton thermal mass. w-IMG_20180414_165252208 In the Workshop Rocket configuration the mass is eliminated and the barrel (or double barrel) becomes a quick-acting radiator for your shop. This is Rosi’s Rocket. It is on its way to her upholstery shop in Ohio. Cottage Rocket (8 inch Greenhouse Short Configuration with Pebble Mass Bell-Bench) This Cottage Rocket is hooked to a pebble mass bench to heat a greenhouse at Chagrin Valley School in northeastern Ohio. w-c-IMG_E4279 At the center of each of these Cottage Rockets is our super clean and efficient core consisting of an insulated heat riser and a refractory burn chamber made from durable, easily located firebrick. With expert assistance you will assemble and test all of the components of your Rocket yourself. w-IMG_20180413_125336785 At a Cottage Rocket Workshop you learn to use the plasma cutter, angle grinder, sawsall, and other fun tools. w-c-2-20180831_165718 IMG_20180831_185554 w-c-20180830_121747 Then we’ll fire up the pizza oven while we talk about how clean and efficient your new Cottage Rocket is. w-IMG_20180830_193219 Please email for more information or to RSVP. Camping and couch space available. Meals are provided, but bring your favorite topping to share for pizza time. Bring Your Own Instrument if you play, we usually have an evening jam session. Ask about staying in the big treehouse (extra charge). If you want to participate as a helper (not take home a rocket) or build a rocket with your Sweetie or friend let us know and we will work out a discount or trade. w-c-20180831_171254

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